Thursday, 26 October 2017

Diary and Reflective practice

Whoa where's the content gone?

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This diary component of this blog wasn't working as the comments were at the end. So I've created a separate blog simply for that kind of content.


  1. Lots of factors to be taken into account here. Big boundaries guarded by good catchers, required run rates of 8+ an over, and batsmen who are looking to get down the pitch and hit straight 6s, hard professional tracks, make bowling back of a length at a good pace (50-60mph) a good option for a spinner, because its easy to hit these short-ish deliveries 60 yards, but hard to hit them 100 yards.

    But I rarely play in a game with those characteristics, and I doubt you do either! A 60yard hit would be a catch in the IPL, but would be a big 6 on an amateur cricket pitch.

    I think you're right though about the line. Start off with a line outside off to try and frustrate the batsman and get established in your spell, and then you always have the option of bowling a bit straighter in your 3rd/4th over just to see what happens - you can always switch back if it doesn't work.

    Sadly, having previously been a good resource, BC seems to have descended into chaos. There's a little clique of trolls who just seem to bully anyone who posts.

  2. I can't win can I with this! I'm aware that your comments relate to my latest post and by the way thanks for doing so, but this doesn't work as well as the blog on the website - the comments in time will end up at the end of God knows how many pages. Anyway, that aside, yeah you're right and I definitely don't bowl with enough pace to bowl short, although the faster flatter ones might work, but I'm nowhere ready to try and put those into practice, so will work on getting the ball on or outside the off-stump as a bread and butter approach. 90% accuracy of line would be a good place to be with some spin by my reckoning.

  3. Sometimes when I go to this blog, this reflective practice post appears, and sometimes its an introduction page? Very confusing.

  4. Yeah I'm still not happy with the way it works, I reckon I need to have a separate blog for the day to day diary style waffle - with maybe a link to this blog. I might have a another re-think at Christmas when I intend to transfer a load of the content from the old MPA blog.

  5. I had a little net last night. Indoor nets, so very little turn off the pitch. Managed to pick up a few wickets by variations in flight/pace/angle.

    The most satisfying was against a left-hander: I stay round the wicket to left-handers, and look to drift the ball towards the slips, with the occasional one turning back in towards the stumps (and occasionally I will bowl one at the stumps that then turns away to slip, but that's a different story).

    Anyway, he's a good bat, and he was starting to anticipate the ball drifting away and was starting to get outside the line of off stump to drive the ball to mid off. By doing that, he is playing more down the line of the ball, taking the edge out of play, and also gets his pads outside the line of off, to take away lbw. Its a clever tactic.

    I said to the guy next to me "lbw this ball". I went as wide as possible on the crease, dropped my arm slot to make the angle even more extreme, and fired one in a bit quicker and skiddier at middle stump with just enough turn to straighten the angle. Because he had already started to move outside off stump, he was playing across the line and couldn't get his bat down in time. Plumb in front.

    Its nice when you actually come up with a plan and then execute it correctly.

  6. It sounds technical, it's obvious you've played for a long time and that you've got the potential to see these things and then make sense of them. Being able to get it to drift must also be a massive bonus... In this situation are you pretty much able to decide whether you get it to drift or not, or is the case that sometimes it does, other times it doesn't?

  7. I can't really control the drift per se - pretty much every ball drifts. Its more a case that if you bowl quicker and flatter you get less drift, whereas a slightly slower ball with plenty of revs and more loop will get more drift.

    I wouldn't worry about drift - dip is just as valuable a weapon, something I struggle to get.

  8. Sorry SLA, been massively busy at work and had so little time to have a look at this let alone get on with populating it. Thanks for the drift comment, drift still pretty much alludes me for the most part, sometimes it'll happen, but yeah you're right with regards the use of dip, when I'm bowling well I try and get a lot more round arm and that has some different attributes, the most obvious being the ball dips dramatically, but it's rare that I get that confident in a match situation that I'm able to put it into action.