Thursday, 26 October 2017

Leg Break sub variations

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Your stock ball Leg Break has the potential for sub-variations and many of us as we learn the leg break go through a series of experiments in the process of developing the leg break and these experiments are worth keeping in mind sometimes as they offer opportunities to create sub-variations of the stock delivery.

(1) Round the loop subtlety
(2) Getting up on the toes
(3) Angling the seam - tilting backwards and forwards
(4) Straight arm - more round arm
(5) Different positions in the hand - palm or fingers
(6) Front-on v Side-on at the crease
(7) Position on the popping crease - wider and bowling further back in the crease to affect length
(8) Faster/slower and flight
(9) No flick

These are just some of the ways you can change up your stock delivery without even having to resort to bowling any of the classic release variations.

Detail coming soon.

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