Thursday, 26 October 2017

Field settings and tactics for Wrist Spin Bowlers

There's a whole blog dedicated to this aspect of the game that you can find by following this link here

It features In game analysis of the batsman that I bowl against as well as observations of how the batsman plays the other bowlers. Usually you'll have some sense of when you'll be expected to bowl. I always seem to be used around the 20-24th over against either well set opening batsmen or middle-order batsmen. In which case, prior to starting my spell I ensure I watch the batsmen and see how they play. I look for their strongest scoring areas, whether they're cautious or willing to come out of the crease and play the ball on the full, whether they bat with a big gap between the bat and their body, how frequently they're looking to drive the ball with a straight bat of whether they have a preference for cross bat shots. Over and above anything else I look to ascertain whether they are strong leg-side players and which shots they deploy if they do prefer to play leg-side. Then I try and bowl with these observations in mind.

The blog features a profile of the batsman/woman with a basic description of their approach. Then that's followed by the in-game analysis with scoring zones and the positions of the fielders during the game. The final illustration is a pitch map with a plan for the next encounter with a suggested approach to get this particular batsman out. This includes a revised field to counter their best shots and then a plan to exploit their potential weaknesses.

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