Thursday, 26 October 2017

Spin Bowlers of South Essex

Alex McClellan - Orsett and Thurrock cc

Alex McClellan; He's been playing since about 2006, originally for Grays and Chadwell cc, but now plays for Orsett and Thurrock since Grays and Chadwell changed to 'Thurrock cc' for a short while and then amalgamated with Orsett.

I played alongside him betweem 2007 and 2011 at G&C and he always said of me that I was more accurate but turned the ball less. So I don't think he'd mind if I said of him that he can be a bit wayward, but therein lies his strength to some extent (He takes a lot more wickets than me). He bowls a line targeting the leg-stump turning the ball a lot, so where-ever the ball lands it's going to do something, but add to that the ball will go-on because of natural variation and he kind of uses the Terry Jenner zone approach see the vid here at 3'10" 

He has a bunch of variations in his locker, so he's always going to have something up his sleeve, so watch for his wrong-un and his flipper and of course the fact that his hard-spun leg-breaks are sometimes going to skid on.

If I can I try and interview him at some point.

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