Thursday, 26 October 2017

Intro - Someblokecalleddave's wrist-spin bowling

Welcome to my latest Wrist-spinning (Leg-spin)Blog. I’ve been blogging about wrist-spin bowling for about 10 years now.
What you need to know is that I’m not an expert or a coach, I’m just a run of the mill bloke who just likes writing stuff on the subject. Over the 10 years though, I’ve written a bunch of articles/posts that have been viewed thousands of times and seemingly are useful. Additionally, Stuart Macgill was so impressed with my dominance of the subject on the internet, he spoke at an Internet marketing conference about my blogging activities and how I have complete dominance of the subject on the internet. Stuart was so impressed with my total dominance of the subject he occasionally helps me out with questions about the subject.

 This particular blog is the ‘Best of’ posts’. You’ll see in the side bar to the right links to the main themes. The intention is this may become the main blog and hopefully one with an active comments facility. If you're viewing it in Oct 2017, be aware that it has only just been formatted and over the coming months and years the content of my old blog and websites will be gradually transferred to this blog.
Left to right - Joe Thompson - Dave Thompson (Me) and Ben Thompson May 2016

Please note The owner of the blog is in no way responsible for you getting carted around the park for 4's and sixes. Seek professional guidance if in doubt.

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