Thursday, 26 October 2017

Peter Philpotts Going around the loop - Wrist-spin bowling

Peter Philpotts 'Going around the loop'

In his book ‘The Art of Wrist Spin bowling’ the Aussie wrist-spinner Peter Philpott describes how the ball can be bowled with the seam rotating (Spinning) in pretty much any direction through the use of the Wrist position – hence Wrist-Spin bowling.

If you hold your hand out in front of you with your palm facing up, place a ball in it using the Wrist-spinners grip as below (Double click on the image) ...
With the hand and arm extended in front of you, now rotate both your arm and wrist and you’ll see that you’re able to turn your wrist with the ball in your hand ‘Round the clock’ 360 degrees to present the ball once again on top facing you. The initial position is pretty much the release for the leg-break delivery and the final position is the release position for the Googly (Wrong Un). All the intermediate stages give you the other variations - Top-Spinner, Big Leg Break and Orthodox back-spinner.

This bloke here in the video demonstrates it particularly well.. double click on the image for the videos. This one from the side...
 This video below from the front (Double click on the image).

And here below is Shane Warne's mentor Terry Jenner going around the loop.
 Jenner at the end of this then shows you the basic Flipper, which also can be bowled in numerous variations using the exact same principle of adjusting the wrist position.


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