Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Big Leg Break

The Big Leg-Break                                                                                         Last updated 8/4/18 - 30 views

Your stock ball leg-break will probably have a seam that is released with the seam angled approx 45 degrees to the direction of its flight. In the previous post on the Leg-Break I've written about the fact that the Leg-Break is your main delivery and the one that you need to master over and above all others. I also explain in the previous post that it has sub-variations... more side-spin or more over-spin (Top-Spin). The Big Leg-Break is one of the sub-variations facilitated by the angling of the wrist and or the lowering of the arm in some instances. These changes enable you to release the ball so that it is bowled with the angle of the seam at 90 degrees to the flight direction. 

Some of the stuff I'm going to write below is fairly contentious and there will be lots of people that completely disagree with what I write. One of the things I'll point out at this point is that Warne's career ended right at the point where it seems (a). The use of HD high speed cameras was limited or (b). If they were being used no-one seemed to think that recording a close up or his release was important. I say this because, I think much of the video footage that people refer to on Youtube is of such poor quality, that any arguments that arise relating to the use of the Big-Leg-Break and its attributes are a moot point. 

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