Thursday, 26 October 2017

Books for Wrist-Spinners

The Art of Wrist-spin bowling - Peter Philpott.

Probably the best of the books I've read on the subject, not too heavy on the technical aspects, written in a layman's way and easy to read. I'm always surprised at how little most other wrist-spinners know about their subject. But, this book along with watching videos should give you a good grounding in the subject. There's some interesting bits in here about practicing, dedication and commitment and the ever useful 'Going around the loop' analogy that helps with understanding all of the variations in the Wrist-spinner armoury. Plus one of the only, if not the definitive explanation of the Wrist-spinners back-spinning delivery... The Orthodox back-spinner.


  1. I collect cricket coaching manuals. I have dozens in print, plus several pdf downloads from pitchvision. I have at least one from each decade - the oldest I own is from 1880 (its worth a small fortune). The interesting thing is that there are basically very little differences between a manual from 2010 as one from 1910.

    I like Philpott's book a lot, it was the second cricket coaching book I ever bought. I read it when I was ~12 and it really inspired me. Reading it back now, it is very much a book of emotion and enthusiasm, rather than rigour and accuracy - which is fine, as long as you don't confuse it for something it isn't. He's obviously spent his life trying to promote leg spin, so its not surprising that he's a bit biased and on occasion talks a bit of nonsense.

    Wilkin's book "The Bowler's Art" is by far the most comprehensive and well-researched of all the books on bowling. This should always be your go-to reference.

  2. SLA, sorry I've only just caught up with this. Yeah I agree with that completely, although Wilkins book is a lot more technical and possibly a little less accessible with regards perhaps kids picking it up. I must admit being no good at maths or physics I struggle with all the sections with regards the experiments and tests using the wind tunnels which is really frustrating hence the reason it took me so long on big cricket to get my head round drift. I've just been working on the Fipper section, trying to get that up to-date, there's a lot of work on here yet to do. I've got nets tomorrow, so looking forward to that.